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for Walt Disney + Cappellini

When digital and physical collide

The physics of collision has long intrigued us. Our curiosity grew when we considered how its result differs when conducted in the digital realm: instead of producing a messy aftermath, objects simply intersect with each other. To underscore this contrast, we wanted to make an object whose silhouette was informed by both digital and physical collisions.

We began by creating four rectangular prisms on a computer and four similar shapes by hand. We then collided the handmade forms physically, 3D-scanned them, and digitally collided them with the digital forms. The irregular result provided the blueprint for our distinctive chair.

The lounger was manufactured by Cappellini in collaboration with Disney, whose then-upcoming film “TRON: Legacy” had a particular affinity with our seat. Its shape resembled the film’s jagged, angular terrain, which was also built from digital and analog data. Deemed the Tron Chair, we presented a limited edition of the roto-molded plastic seats at Design Miami in 2010 and Salone del Mobile 2011. Cappellini continues to produce the chair in four matte colors (white, gray, blue, and green), suitable for indoor or outdoor use.

Date 2010
Photography  EREZ SABAG

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Created using a physical prototype and a digital model
Julio Cappellini photographed by Ornella Sancassani
Limited editions painted for Art Basel Miami 2010
Limited editions painted for Art Basel Miami 2010
Museo dei Fori Imperiali
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