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for Tumi

A collection that transforms according to your travel needs

Dror’s collection for TUMI—the leading travel accessories brand’s first-ever collaboration with an external designer—was rooted in its desire to improve the travel experience. As a frequent flyer, I identified with the multifaceted life of a contemporary traveler: depending on where I go, the time of year, how long I’ll stay, and the purpose of the trip, the contents, size, and number of my bags varies. What’s more, my needs could change within a single trip, requiring a small bag at departure but a large, checked bag upon return. How could a single piece of luggage accommodate every scenario on the go?

After 18 months of research and prototyping, we developed an 11-piece collection of bags capable of dynamic transformation. The International Carry-On, the first-ever expandable zipper-less hardcase, epitomizes this theme. It doubles in capacity through three different sizes—from 30 to 45 to 60 liters—using a custom “living hinge”: a unique two-stage transformation facilitated by two pairs of handles hidden inside. Squeeze and pull the innermost pair to reveal the first half of the expansion; an additional set of handles enables the maximum increase.

The bag’s faceted surface derived from our attempt to make the hardcase lightweight by reducing its thickness. The logic of creating creases is similar to that of a stainless steel sink or an AC duct: apply a pleat to a thin material, and the fold creates strength. We made this beautiful geometry the signature of the collection, and adapted the triangulations to the bag’s front and back, as well as into leather, zipper pulls, handles, and more.

Pushing the boundaries of engineering and manufacturing, every component from wheel to mold was custom-made for this collection. The resulting objects invite users to spontaneously customize the size of the luggage, which acts as a transformable extension of their lives.

Videography  EREZ SABAG
Art direction TANK
Director Passagio JULES WRIGHT
Photography Passagio  THOMAS ZANON-LARCHER
Date 2012

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The world’s first expandable hardcase
From 30L carry-on to 60L checked baggage.
And 45L in between.
A backpack you can take to a board meeting.
Hidden straps convert to tote configuration in the elevator.
An oversize compartmentalized briefcase converts
to slim and sleek when reversed
The last item to be packed, this toiletry bag adapts to fit in your suitcase
Two magnetic positions allow your messenger bag
to always be properly closed, whether skinny or unzipped and expanded
Crazy expansion to adapt to your weekend's ever changing needs
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