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When problem-solving or rethinking tired typologies, Dror starts by questioning everything. Once a direction is decided, we build the right team of collaborators to address the challenge, improve experiences and create value.

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for Tumi

After the success of the Dror for Tumi travel collection, Dror was invited to redesign the Tumi retail experience. "Whether you’re creating a bag or a store, you’re designing for that same customer," he explains. We wanted to add a sense of hierarchy within the space to provide a seamless experience—moments where the consumer is guided towards what they’re looking for. Travel cases rest on platforms reminiscent of a runway, inviting customers to walk up, take hold and roll them along as they test for the right heft and size. Day bags hang or sit within arms reach and easily slung on for in-store testing. Small leather goods reside in lacquered tables, within sight of the day bags they could fit within and ready for examination. The new design has been adapted across Tumi Flagship locations worldwide.  

- The Dror for Tumi Collection contains the first-ever expandable hardcase and sold 1 year’s worth of projected sales in 2 months.

- Upon Dror's evaluation of the product range, the studio recommended a test: remove 20% of the worst selling product for a period of one month. The experiment was implemented in 3 stores and resulted in a 60% increase in sales at each location, resulting in an update to the brand's product offering.

- When the flagship store opened, sales expectations were kept to a minimum because of two neighboring stores. Despite this, the store broke the record of TUMI’s bestselling store worldwide per sq. ft.

- Dror's design approach for the TUMI flagship store on Madison Avenue in New York City has been rolled out to over 50 locations around the world.

WJCA  Project architect
J T Magen  Construction
Daniel DeMarco and Associates  Fixtures
Regency Lighting  Lighting

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The first implementation of the new global design broke TUMI’s sales per sq. ft., despite two neighboring stores.
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