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Vision governs projects and is the driver for success.

When problem-solving or rethinking tired typologies, Dror starts by questioning everything. Once a direction is decided, we build the right team of collaborators to address the challenge, improve experiences and create value.

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for SoHo Synagogue

The SoHo Synagogue is the community’s first ever synagogue and represents a fresh vision that translates the inspiration of Judaism to a new generation. Mindful of the open mindset of lower Manhattan’s Jewish population, the design of the SoHo Synagogue seeks to reinvent the synagogue as a comfortable and enjoyable setting. Studio Dror was assigned to create a space in which the synagogue can embrace the traditions and its fundamental function within a contemporary, casual design setting. Dror plays with dual meanings and the juxtaposition of times and cultures through the overall artistic direction of the space and design details.

Continuum Construction & Consulting, LLC  Construction
John M. Hall  Photography

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