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When problem-solving or rethinking tired typologies, Dror starts by questioning everything. Once a direction is decided, we build the right team of collaborators to address the challenge, improve experiences and create value.

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for QuaDror

Can a new shape revolutionize how we build?

While experimenting in the workshop one day, I made a serendipitous discovery. Four identical L-shaped pieces, each with edges cut at the same slight angle, could be interlocked to form two squares. When placed on top of each other and connected at opposing ends, they formed a new shape that could be flat-packed or fall open into a freestanding, geometric building block. We gave it a name, QuaDror, and set about exploring the object’s fascinating properties.

We were blown away by its overwhelming strength. Since the triangulations are always opposite, forming an A on two sides and a V on the others, the supports are constantly in compression. When the angles intersect, they form a parallelogram that sits flat on a surface regardless of its orientation, allowing for stackability. QuaDror’s four components can be elongated to form a trestle, or thickened for a block-like appearance. The object’s load-bearing ability, acoustic properties, energy performance, and ease of manufacturing lend itself to countless conditions and configurations.

QuaDror is a new vocabulary for building. From construction barriers and pop-up shops to relief housing and skyscrapers, its uncanny strength offers a revolutionary structural support system to a wide range of projects. The studio welcomes the opportunity to collaborate with manufacturers, fabricators, and designers in projects that bring QuaDror to life.

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