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Noble materials and QuaDror unite to form an ethereal furniture collection

The QuaDror Furniture collection showcases the graceful simplicity of QuaDror, Dror's highly adaptable structural support system, through pure, elegant materials. Glass, gunmetal, and light- and blackened-ash enhance the geometric profile of distinctive tables and shelving, where trestles are replaced by elongated QuaDror structures. Produced by Italian manufacturer, the ethereal series marks QuaDror's introduction to the domestic environment.

QuaDror emerged serendipitously in our workshop. While building a chandelier frame from two crisscrossed squares, I stumbled upon a fascinating discovery: strategically cut, intersecting shapes can be locked into place with geometry, forming a powerful hinge. This realization led to the structural building block, which can be flat-packed or fall open into a freestanding triangular base. A new shape was born.

As we continue to research QuaDror applications, exploring its effectiveness in furniture was irresistible. The series is the newest addition to an ever-growing pool of implementations for the structure. From prefab housing and sound barriers to medical equipment and bridges, QuaDror’s applications are as numerous as its effects: depending on its context, the structure can protect, delight, simplify, support, or surprise.

Date  2015

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Utilizing the QuaDror's structural support system in glass, gunmetal, and light- and blackened-ash
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