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for Puma Pop-Up

A deployable pavilion takes efficiency to new extremes

Puma asked the studio to propose a new design for its traveling pavilion. At the time, the structure was made of shipping containers, which were problematic for several reasons: each volume was so overly reinforced with steel that it could hardly be defined as a shipping container any longer. This tremendous weight made transporting the elements extremely difficult; with their burdensome reinforcements, the volumes’ mass was essentially equal to the volume of the entire building.

We realized that a more efficient, customizable pavilion could be built using QuaDror structures. The strong, adaptable geometry could be oriented to maintain the cantilevered feel of Puma’s current structure, while eliminating the difficulties it presented related to weight. A QuaDror framework would also allow for collapsibility, and perform well in all phases of the building process including fabrication, transportation, assembly, de-construction, and storage.

Our design consists of a 12,000-square-foot building made from 79 identical QuaDror structures, which are connected using standard I-beams. The pavilion is blanketed on two sides with architectural fabric; the remaining sides are covered with glass, making natural light and the surrounding environment visible from within. To prepare for transport, the whole structure can be flat-packed into just 10 shipping containers, including interior elements. It can also be easily modified to accommodate various plots of land as it travels from site to site. In this way, the structure is a blank canvas for events, pop-up shops, or temporary installations.

Program  12,000 FT² EVENT SPACE/RETAIL
Date 2010
Arup Engineering consultant

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