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for Children's Museum Istanbul

An ever-changing cultural hub embracing families in the forest

Our conceptual children’s museum resides inside Istanbul’s Fatih Forest, which is slated to become the eternal city’s Central Park. The motivation behind our design is twofold: create a museum with minimal impact on the forest, and a kid-friendly program that encourages exploration, discovery, and play.

Covered by a vegetated dome, our proposal arranges the museum on two levels, where a wide underground ring is topped with a simple, thinner ring that doubles as its first floor. The circulation between the levels provides a double-sided program where visitors can enter, exit, and experience the museum however they please. Pure and simple, the structure offers spaces that can easily shrink and grow.

An outdoor area at the structure’s center allows for continuous programmatic flow: children can run around the museum in a loop—a dynamic, family-friendly composition. This multipurpose space can function as a field, a playground, or a space for performances or exhibitions. To further encourage engagement, a portion of the space offers amphitheater-style seating, providing a place to sit, have lunch, or watch a presentation.

Program  10,500 M² CULTURAL
Date 2015

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