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for Boffi

Can one gesture replace a series of gestures?

Italian kitchen and bathroom manufacturer Boffi asked us to create something that would bring much-needed innovation to the loo.

I started thinking about my medicine cabinet—a lavatory essential that’s a constant focal point during my morning routine. I’ll open the door to get something from inside then close it to use the mirror, only to open and close the door again to put the toiletry away. People do this dozens of times while getting ready. Could this repetitive, disruptive action be replaced with a single gesture?

I realized the movement that would achieve this functionality was a simple rotation. The +/- cabinet consists of a horizontal storage space that minimizes mess. To open, rotate the mirrored door 90 degrees, forming a cross-shaped cabinet that allows uninterrupted access to the objects inside. The vertical mirror focuses on the user and reveals a shelved interior, which is accessible on either side.

Under the same banner of innovation, I created a second cabinet with a different motivation: In compact urban residences, counter space is scarce—especially in bathrooms, where there’s rarely a non-water-soaked space to place toiletries. My solution was Dry, a medicine cabinet marked by its glass double doors that open vertically from the center. The bottom door falls open into a deep ledge, providing a place to put objects while interacting with the sink. The top door, which covers part of the cabinet’s shelved interior, hides objects that are only used seasonally or in emergency, leaving space below for toiletries used every day.

+/- won the Good Design Award in 2008.

Date  2007

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