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for Avani

Different interior configurations, plumbing, and appliance sizes, are some of the many factors that define a kitchen layout, generally resulting in a cluttered appearance. Avani’s Arc system is set to address just that. The concept behind Arc is an idea of symmetry and very simple proportions.

The design takes its name from its feature element, an arc-like Corian® island that double-functions as a counter and bar which, when not in use, can be retracted into the main wall unit, thus further maximizing functionality and overall living area. By creating an intentional gap between outer and inner cabinetry, the only varying item in this system is the Arc, which minimizes the manufacturing process and the amount of cabinet sizes.

Avani is a new brand positioned to deliver high end bespoke kitchens for luxury apartments. The transformative cabinetry system invitingly opens up for living, cooking and entertaining guests, and lets you tuck it away to have it blend into the background when not in use.

Date  2014

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