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for Alessi

Must all objects have one specific function?

Iconic Italian housewares company Alessi asked us to create a trivet for its collection. At the time I was fascinated by objects that didn’t blatantly communicate their use, and left their function open to interpretation. Paired with my long-held interest in transformation and movement, my version of the humble exemplar emerged as one of playfulness realized in a trio of concentric arcs.

Each mirror-polished stainless steel crescent that comprises the Try It Trivet can be considered a trivet in and of itself. Magnets inside each thick half-moon encourage users to connect them in serpentine, decidedly non-trivet-like shapes and use them in non-trivet-like ways. When assembled together, the pieces create a stable support large enough to accommodate a mid-sized casserole.

The Try It Trivet won the Good Design® Award in 2010.

Date  2009

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3 magnetic stainless steel rings to play with
Winner of the Good Design® Award
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